Foggy Mountain Forge Vancouver Island blacksmiths

Foggy Mountain Forge

Artisanal Blacksmiths

Foggy Mountain Forge is a father and son blacksmith and metal fabrication shop, studio, and gallery founded in 2008 after Marty Gilbertson and his wife moved from Alberta to the Shirley area of Western Vancouver Island.

Our forge is open to the general public six days per week and acts as a unique stop along the Pacific Marine Circle Route for tourists. For the locals, we provide an essential business that caters to every need.

We have done and accept commission work from all over the world, and on average we welcome eight to ten thousand people into our shop and gallery every year. Besides our studio work, we also take part in many community events and donate a large amount of time, art, and expertise to the local community.

Foggy Mountain Forge artisanal blacksmiths

Marty Gilbertson Blacksmith Artist

Marty Gilbertson

Marty has been working with metal since the age of twelve, growing up on the family ranch on the Canadian prairies. He has been welding and fabricating for over 45 years now in a variety of different industries ranging from pipelines, oilfield work, automotive fabrication, and of course blacksmithing. With those 45 years of metal work comes a plethora of knowledge rarely matched in the industry.

Now, combining ancient metalworking techniques with the best of modern technology, Marty uses his experience and imagination to create some of the most unique metal work in the business today. There is no project too big or too small for Marty as long as he is allowed to use the creative thinking that is vividly apparent in every piece that he creates.